Victoria Stuart

Captain Victoria Stuart Level 11 Privateer

Captain Victoria Stuart
Level 11 Privateer

Virtuous Victoria Stuart

During our week-long Tribal Pack Give away contest, I tried to come up with questions from the game to challenge contestants. In doing that I ended up making a new character. This time a Privateer

The next task was coming up with a good name. No question she’d be another Victoria. From what I know of Privateers they have a great deal of charisma and can charm even the smartest and savvy business man..or woman..out of their most prized possession. It isn’t until later that their victims discover they’re not as Virtuous as they believed them to be!

Her last name is inspired by one of my most favorite people in the world. If you’re not a Nascar fan, you’ll have no idea who Tony Stewart is. But I figured with his “Smoke” nickname, his unique independent bravado, I can think of no one else who is a more perfect modern Privateer.

Victoria’s Story:
Now Victoria’s parents are said to have been cast off their ship by Mutineers. Those dastardly cut-throat cowardly pirates! You can’t trust a one of them! Orphaned, she was raised rescued from the vile sharks by a passing frigate, who returned Victoria to her childhood home, the proper civilized land of Marleybone.

There she was raised by her uniquely funny and talented Uncle, a mage named Merlin Stuart. There’s nothing traditional about Merlin. He believed his new charge should be educated not only as a proper lady, but as a lady of business who can deal in magik, trade and the art of the deal. Of course if you’re going to be a female privateer you must also know how to defend yourself and she certainly does. Merlin saw to that as well.

Under his command they set sail on the high clouds looking for opportunity where ever it lay. Unfortunately that journey found them captured by the Armada and imprisoned for smuggling weapons to the Resistance.  Sadly Uncle Merlin was lost in the battle and Victoria found herself alone once more in life. Thanks to his friends Captain Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry she escaped the Armada with the last survivor of Merlin’s crew; Egg Chen. But now the Armada is watching her activities and looking for another opportunity to capture her and her crew.

Victoria Stuart's FlagShe and Egg made their way to Skull Island, seeking the protection of Captain Avery. That may not have been such a great idea. But at least he gave them their own ship to venture through the skyways and create what revenge they may upon the Armada…and those Cut-throat Sharks!

Her ship’s colors are Black and blood Red.

Her pirate signature is the Grand Jolly Roger. He holds a Golden Rose between his teeth to remind Victoria that “The Pirate who has the gold, makes the rules!” Just look at the set up Captain Avery has and you can see the sense in that bit of wisdom!

Current Adventures:
Victoria is currently a level 11 Pirate and is Pirating in the world of Skull Island with her new First Mate Ensign Emmett. Keep up to date with her exploits through the Captain’s Log as she sails the skyways with excitement and adventure!

Through her travels through out the Pirate spiral she has picked up a few talents along the way. Currently she has gathered a few badges, but she’s most proud of these:

  • A Pirate Adventurer
  • A Tavern Crawler
  • A Skull Mountaineer
  • Captain Gunn’s Heir
  • Pirate Captain
  • And more!
The Lucky Pearl Light Skiff

The Lucky Pearl
Light Skiff

Her ships:
Through her business dealings in the skyways, Captain Victoria Stuart has acquired the following ships.

  • Raft – The Pale Mackerel
  • Light Skiff – The Lucky Pearl

Her Companions:
She has made alliances with several folk through the spiral. Today she has two members in her crew:

  • Egg Shen – Goose Student
  • Bonnie Anne – Fox Sharpshooter
  • Ensign Emmett – Otter Ensign
  • Dead Mike – Undead Pirate
  • Nanu Nanu – Water Mole Spearman
  • Old Scratch – Undead Witchdoctor
  • Ratbeard – Rat Officer

Her Pets:
Companions are great to have in a fight, but having a favored pet to snuggle with is also good to have by your side. Victoria is pleased to have the following pets with her:

  • Sparky – A Scrimshaw Drake (A special gift from the Tribal Pack)

Her Mounts:
Victoria is proud to have the following mounts:

  • Hank – Hunting Puma – Gift from the Tribal Pack
    Hunting Puma


  • She is currently living in her Pirate quarters on Skull Island.

Victoria’s Progression Through Training and Experience:

Victoria Stuart

Victoria Stuart
Level 1 Privateer

Captain Victoria Stuart Level 11 Privateer

Captain Victoria Stuart
Level 11 Privateer

Victoria’s Ships:

The Pale Mackerel

The Lucky Pearl Light Skiff

The Lucky Pearl
Light Skiff

A Heavy Galleon More To Come

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