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Spring 2014 – Final Round Pirate Contest Winners! ☠

hoodoocompanionCongratulations To Our Prize Winners!

It’s that time! Time to announce our Final Round of Game Code Prize Winners!

It’s been a wonderful weekend of fun here on the Portal. And we’re certainly excited to get into the new Test Realm to check out the great Spring 2014 Updates coming to the Pirate Skyways!

We hope those of you who won one of the Game Codes sent to us from One-Eyed Jack will have a great time putting them to good use in the new locations and against the new foes!

But we’re here to announce the final round winners, so let’s get to it!

Winners received a game code good for:
Round 3: Hoodoo Cornelius Companion from the HooDoo Bundle

Our First Trivia Question Is:

In Aquila you receive a quest “Hello, Walls”!
The quest is given by Eaglamemnon and sends you off to build a Trojan Mouse.
The reward for this quest is a companion named Eagle Hoplite, a Swashbuckler
Hoplite is a historical name.
Where is it from, and what is it?

And the Answer Is: Continue reading

Spring 2014 – Round 3 Trivia Contest! ☠

hopliteEnter For Your Chance To Win Free Game Codes!

The Spring Update promises to be a grand event for everyone, not to mention the return of some special Spring Time Pets! Yes indeed, they’re back for a limited time! So if you missed them last year, get ready to check them out in the Crown Shop soon!

To celebrate all these wondrous events, we’ll be holding a few Contest Rounds to share a few Game Codes for you and your pirate to enjoy!

What might be on the table for you new journey through the skyways?

It’s Our Final Round!!

Round 1: A Random Springtime Pet! – Winners Have Been Selected!
Round 2: The Witchdoctor’s Lab from the HooDoo Bundle
Round 3: Hoodoo Cornelius Companion from the HooDoo Bundle

And we’ll also be giving out a random code good for 1.5k Crowns to those who enter, but don’t win one of the free game codes!

Are you ready to play some Trivia? Well Here We Go! Continue reading