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Birth-o-Ween Presents!!


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Holiday Items In The Crown Shop!

It’s Pirate101′s 1st Birthday and it’s Halloween! So the Royals on the Isle of Kings want to celebrate! They added some great items in the Crown Shop, but they’re only there until the end of Hallows-Eve.

Three of my Captains picked up a few seasonal items and I thought we’d share pictures of those so you can see what they look like!

Captain Victoria Hawkins and Captain Victoria Hobbes, picked up the Halloween eye patch! It’s only 100 Crowns and sure looks good. What a great way to feel special and celebrate the pumpkin holiday.  Click the Glowing Ghost to see our portraits!

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A Big Happy Birthday Pirate101!!

birthday2October 15th

One year ago today Pirate101 went LIVE. Pirates all over the world were born today and took to Skull Island on their first adventures.

They met troggies, cutthroat sharks, entered the Temple of Gloom and faced off with Fin Dorsal for the first time.

New ships were unbottled for the first time and excited pirates took to the skyways with a taste for adventure.

Today the portal would like to wish Pirate101 a very merry and oh so special

Happy Birthday

to everyone at KingsIsle and to all the Pirate Captains who are celebrating their own birthdays too!!

Stay tuned to A Pirate’s Portal this week. We’ll be celebrating with free code give-aways and helping our pirate friends open a few birthday presents of wondrous treasures!!

So put on your thinking caps and get ready for our new trivia questions. If you know your Pirate lore, you’ll be able to play our game for your chance to win prizes and crowns!

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