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Pirate101 Voted 2012 Player’s Choice!

mmorpg-playerschoiceMMORPG Awards For 2012!

Fans and players of Pirate101 united! In a close race to the finish Pirate101 wins the Player’s Choice Award for 2012 @ MMORPG narrowly beating out Guild Wars 2 by .05% of the vote! That’s close folks!

Pirate101 received 27.8% of the votes cast in this years awards by fans of the game. Where Guild Wars 2 received an impressive 27.3% of the votes.

Other games in the running: Planetside 2 7.8%, The Secret World 14.8%, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria 7.3%, Star Wars: The Old Republic 6.2%, Storm Legion 4.1%, Rift:   TERA 2.7%,  and Raiderz 1.9%.

Don’t feel too sorry for Guild Wars 2 however. Pirate101 was up against them for the 2012 Most Innovative Award. Guild won that category with 31.2% to runner up Pirate101’s 30.6%.

Here at the Portal we’re very excited for everyone at KingsIsle! It’s a great achievement for a game they’ve worked so hard at developing. And it’s pretty impressive to garner such a prestigious award in only their 2nd month of being live. Pirate101 rolled out on October 8th for their Head Start Week. Rolling out globally the following week.

So here’s a hardy and well deserved Congratulations to KI and the Pirate101 Team!! Way to go!!

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mmorpg-playerschoicePirate101 Nominated For Game of the Year & Most Innovative Game of 2012!

We received a note from One-Eyed Jack this afternoon with big news for the Spiral. It seems we’re not the only ones who LOVE Pirate101! Who knew?!

Well MMORPG knew! And they have nominated Pirate101 for both Game of the Year and Most Innovative Game of 2012!

As a player, you can visit MMORPG.com and Cast Your Votes for Pirate101 today!

Simply click the image to the right, or the link below. Login with your MMORPG id; or sign-up and get one (it’s FREE)! And sometimes they give away free stuff for Pirate101 and Wizard101 and other games you may like to play.

Cast your vote for Pirate and say thanks to KI for giving us such a fantastic game to play!

MMORPG 2012 Players Choice Awards

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