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KingsIsle’s New Blog

KingsIsle Bloggin'Hear Ye, Hear Ye Pirates & Wizards Of The Spiral

Tuesday afternoon a bottle arrived on the shores of A Pirate’s Portal from One-Eyed Jack in the Skull Island Skyway.

The message he sent contained some exciting news from the royals on KingsIsle. It seems they have rolled out a brand new Blog to let their creativity shine through and outside the Pirate and Wizard spirals.

Keep an eye out for insights into the gaming industry and perhaps a little guidance to those who aspire to enter it with us.  We also have some wonderful “Guest Bloggers” lined up, and we certainly want to hear from you on topics you would like us to further explore.  Perhaps most importantly, we want to give you a more intimate view of what we do here at KingsIsle and exactly why we are so passionate about what we do.” said Fred Howard, Vice President of Marketing.

Get a look inside the castle where the creation actually happens. Check out the fun and eventful activities the creators get into. From sword fights to ping-pong and more, this is your chance to look behind the scenes. So sail on over Pirates and check out the new communication vessel from our creative friends on the KingsIsle Blog!

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We’ve Been Added To Pirate101 Central’s Links

A Pirate101 Blog

We’re all excited today. We’ve been added to the Pirate101 Central’s list of Blog Links! Yeah!

It may not sound like much of a big deal, but when you work really hard on something you like it to be accepted and recognized. Even if our blog is only one of many, it’s still ours and we like it.

So check us out on Pirate101 Central -> A Pirate’s Portal

Thanks to Jester and Olivia, for their hard work on Pirate101 Central. And for adding our humble little Pirate ship to their list of links!

Onward Matey!

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