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Companion Promotion – Bonnie Anne

Bonnie Anne  Fox Musketeer

Bonnie Anne
Fox Sharpshooter

The Fox Musketeer Companion

Near the beginning of the game, every Pirate meets up with Bonnie Anne. She’s a great Fox and good Musketeer who lends a helping hand from the start of your questing through the spiral.

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When you first meet Bonnie Anne she is a Fox Musketeer. You can learn much more about her abilities and skills from Pirate101 Central.

As you level up your companions they will occasionally reach epic promotion opportunities. Bonnie’s first epic promotion occurs when she is promoted to Level 8.

After you applied training points and she reaches this level, she’ll tell you she needs to speak with you.  “Captain I need to speak with you about something important. Let’s go to a Tavern Cellar”.

In the Tavern she’ll explain more: “Cap’n, the time has come for me to become a true Sharpshooter. My mentor, Ol’ Fish Eye, can give me his blessing an’ then I’ll be ready.” Ol’ Fish Eye is the trainer of all Musketeers and he’s easily accessible in Avery’s Court.

This quest will require you to have access to Jonah Town and Corsair’s Cove in the Skull Island Skyway.

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