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Captain Victoria Bristol – Ships Log 416511.21

Questing News From The Spiral

It’s been a month since we last reported our progress. A lot has occurred since that last entry. We have ventured through The Stormgate To Valencia. Met up with some interesting unicorn folk there. But we made it back to Skull Island.

We ventured through a new storm gate to Cool Ranch and picked up the Bird Flu. That knocked us all out for a little over a week on all its own.

We also took on some new crew members, picked up a new ship and a fair bit of skill. It’s been a month of turmoil and adventure for sure! Continue reading

Captain Aedan Hawkins – Spiral Date 416511.13

Questing News From The Spiral

Hello again pirates of the spiral! I have certainly been going around and about in the Tradewinds Skyway in Puerto Mico. Such a small place. So small its hard to see where I am going on my bird! Also they say I am bald! Crazy Monkeys. Besides all the crazy monkeys running around I have a new ship-a Galleon called The Silent Falcon. It does not have much to it yet, but I did a few quests to get to level 12 to use it, because I was only level 11 when I  got it.

The Silent Falcon-Galleon

The Silent Falcon-Galleon

Continue reading

Captain Scarlet Hawkins – Ships Log 416510.23

Questing News From The Spiral

The week started out on the wrong foot. I got nabbed by the Armada and was held in a brig on one of their ships. Thankfully Temujin came to rescue me with his old friends Boochbeard and Gandry. On our way out we found another captured soul, Kan Po, a Goat Student from Mooshu.

We blew out of that ship in a hurry and headed for Skull Island on Boochbeard’s ship. He and Gandry sent us to meet with Captain Avery who sent us on a mission to recover a stolen amulet he had lost.

We had to do a little fighting against some Troggies and Cutthroats, but it wasn’t too hard with our new friend Bonnie Anne. She’s a feisty musket caring fox and good to have in a battle. Especially against the Cutthroats! Continue reading

Captain Aedan Hawkins – Ships Log 416510.21

Questing News From The Spiral

Our course has been clear and we’ve had good weather on our travels. The crew is coming together nicely. Subodai has stepped back and allowed Bonnie Anne to become my first mate. I think he got tired of keeping an eye on the other members of the crew. They are a bit of a scurvy bunch.

Along with Subodai we started out on this adventure with Strong Nat Tew, a reliable cat pirate. Bonnie came on board next and took over as First Mate. Continue reading