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Captain Victoria Hobbes – Ships Log 416604.23

Questing News From The Spiral

captnlog-vh-gwI never expected to be here piloting my own ship after leaving my family and friends in Grizzleheim. Who could have imagined this beautiful ship would be mine?!

I guess my Mom and Dad did, and that’s why they left it in the care of the Frogfather. In hopes that one day I’d return and claim it as my own.

So here I am, writing my first Captain’s Log and documenting the adventures of my ship and her crew. Point of fact this isn’t my first “ship”.  That would have been a small raft I picked up on Skull Island from Captain Avery. She was called The Soggy Eel. He thought giving her to me was a big joke, but I think the trick was on him.

She was a great little boat. Sturdy and strong! And with her my small crew and I took on Shark Pirates, Monquistans, Mousers, Batacuda and Flying Fish, as well as Rapa Nui ships too. We sailed to Blood Shoals, Jonah Town, Rapa Nui, The Presidio, and now we’re docked in Flotsam to find a guy named One-Eyed Jack. Continue reading

Captain “Ruthless” Garrett Hobbes – Ships Log 416601.13

captnlog-gh-zrQuesting News From The Spiral

for this, the Thirteenth Day of January in the Four-Thousand-Sixty-Sixth Year of the Spiral

Started the Sixth off by heading to Corsair’s Cove. Had to take out an armada of Cutthroats. All I wanted to do is find the rotting bananas there. After a little batacuda fishing we beamed back to Skull Island for some training. Seems I made nautical level 4 somewhere back there and didn’t notice.

On the way out of the Kraken Skulls the sickness took us yet again. Fortunately we were safely in the Tavern. Found out someone stole Avery’s Mooshu Falcon so he sent us to get it. After a lot of run around we ended up in the tunnels to find the guy who stole it, Archer.

We took on some contract crab hunting. After a few bouts of that Mike went down. We had to beam out to Avery’s Court. Continue reading

Captain “Ruthless” Garrett Hobbes – Ships Log 416601.06

captnlog-gh-zrQuesting News From The Spiral

for this, the Sixth Day of January in the Four-Thousand-Sixty-Sixth Year of the Spiral

I had an interesting week, as Egg Shen would say. You know that old Mooshu curse? “May you have an interesting life.” To start off the day on the second, I was awakened from my comfortable sleep in my nice jail cell by a couple of officers. I’m not sure why they were looking for me. Had something to do with me being of the seed of my late parents. Oh well, I suppose the cannon shot dropping all around the fort would have woken me anyway.

Turns out that the cannon shot was precisely what they wanted me for. I met an unsavory sort name Captain Avery, who appears to be running the fort. He said I was just the man to stop the cannons the Troggies had turned on them. I read that as “expendable”.

So I figured that since returning to my nap was probably out of the question, my new first mate (by virtue of him being the only crewman I had) and I took off and made the Troggies much quieter. Since I don’t have a ship, I’m still not exactly clear on why I need a first mate. But since he’s good and smacking around frogs, I certainly don’t mind him hanging around. Continue reading

Captain Victoria Bristol – Ships Log 416510.13

Questing News From The Spiral

It’s been a busy week for the the crew. We have conquered Skull Island and defeated our on going nemesis Fin Dorsal. Actually we have defeated him several times now. He’s such a character. I can’t help but like him. He’s so full of hot air and bravado as he tries to be menacing.

We’ve met a lot of new people and for a pirate crew we do seem to be extraordinarily helpful. Who ever heard of a honest pirate? But our reputation is getting around the spiral as one of the best Captains and crew to have around; or at least to have on your side. Continue reading