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The Secret Class Trainers

The Secret Clandestine Trainers

The Clandestine Trainers

In August 2015, the Royals at KingsIsle introduced the Secret Class Trainers.  Tucked away in a hidden location you’ll find these mysterious strangers ready to teach you some powerful battle techniques. These trainers are available to all pirates, once your Captain reaches Level 20.

There are 3 of these Clandestine trainers.

  1. Firenzian the trainer for ranged attacks
  2. Lost Hoplite the trainer for melee attacks
  3. Kurotadori the trainer for magic attacks

Each Trainer provides training for extra talents. But it will cost you 1 Practice Point for each additional ability. Continue reading

Epic Promotions For Companions

Subodai Horse Warrior

Subodai Horse Warrior

The Pirate101 Crew
– Updated 09/2018

Each Pirate class has its own set of companions that can become part of your crew. You can also buy companions from the crown shop, or in bundle packs. You can also acquire special companions through Pirate101 game promotions and Fansite contests.

Some of these special companions are offered one time only and if you don’t pick one up, you may never have a chance to acquire them again. But not to fret, you’ll probably like some of the new companions offered through game upgrades.

You can learn more about Companions on the Pirate101 Companion Wiki. And you can learn more about the quests that provide the companions on the Pirate101 Quest Wiki.

Here we have our own information about Companions that may help your questing through the Spiral.

Companion Guide – A simple list of the current companions in Pirate101 by Pirate Class. Why do some pirates battle with Subodai and others with Egg Shen? How do you acquire Mormo the Witch Doctor or Sarah Steele the Mouse Fencer? The Companion Guide can tell you who’ll find in the Spiral and how they come to be part of your crew.

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