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Captain Victoria Bristol – Ships Log 416510.20

Questing News From The Spiral

Lots of big news this week! We completed our quests in the Tradewinds Skyway. Puerto Mico was an interesting place, but the inhabitants are rather rude. Someone should tell them it’s not wise to anger a pirate who carries some big swords around with them.

We tracked down that scurvy pirate Ratbeard and he had Captain Gunn’s gold alright. Sadly for him he made a deal with the wrong Rapa Nui who had him hanging from a rope. Lucky for him we arrived when we did. I wasn’t so sure about his desire to join my crew, but he has actually proven himself to be quite useful. Continue reading

Quest Update – Beta Sneaky Victoria Bristol

Skull Island Adventures Completed

Yesterday Captain Victoria Bristol II completed the quests in Puerto Mico. It was exciting to meet with Prospector Zeke and return The Funky Bunch to the Marquis Mark. They were getting a little stinky below deck. But it was a wonderful journey through the world of Skull Island.

She also discovered the portal stone that opens the Stormgate between Tradewinds Skyway to the The Tierra Primata Skyway. Her first trip through the gate was filled with trepidation and excitement! Continue reading

Quest Journal #2 – Monquista

Captain Victoria Bristol & First Mate Subodai
In the center square of Monquista City

Sail Into The Monkey World of Monquista

Your first trip through a Stormgate from the Tradewinds Skyway to the The Tierra Primata Skyway can be enchanting and exciting. Stay on the lane and you’ll be transported into the Spanish themed world of Monquista!

There is much to do here and quite a few folk to talk to. So get ready for some running around in fun and battle. When you land at the docks the first person you’ll see is your old friend Prospector Zeke. He has another Quest for you to undertake.

One of the first thing you should do when you arrive is spend some time talking to the vendors to upgrade your accessories and equipment. You can add a lot of health, attack, shielding, agility, dodging and so on through these upgrades. It really is worth the price of gold.

And don’t forget to run around see who else may have a favor to ask of you. The king inside the palace isn’t the only person who needs a helping hand.

There’s much to do, so let’s get started on your journey through Monquista! Continue reading

Zeke Quest: Gypsy Kings

Prospector Zeke Quest – Monquista

When you first enter the Monquista skyway you’ll be sent straight to this world’s main city. Once you dock and leave your ship, the first person you should see will be Zeke. And he has another quest for you to find some missing items.

This time he’ll tell you about the Gypsy Kings that are scattered around the various islands here in Monquista. There are only 5 kings to find this time, as opposed to the usual 10. And of course Zeke will give you a nice reward for your help once you have located them all. Continue reading