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It’s Halloween 2019

Time To Partay!

It’s that time of year again! Now through November 3rd, 2019, enjoy Halloween fun in Pirate101! Skull Island is filled with fun Halloween décor with balloons and Jack-o-Lanterns and prizes galore. And the Crown Shop is bustling with spooky items too.

Check out all the fun at Pirate101.com.
And don’t miss out on the Haunted Galleon!

This limited time ship, is on sale in the Crown Shop for only 5,000 Crowns, it is available for a variety of levels and comes equipped with…

  • Ship Hull
  • Jack ‘O Lantern Figurehead
  • Sails
  • Rudders

The Haunted Galleon is the perfect ship for Halloween deck parties – check it out in the Crown Shop!

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It’s Halloween Time – 2018

Time To Get Spooky In The Spiral

Halloween is here in Skull Island!
Now through November 4th 2018, enjoy Halloween fun in Pirate101! Skull Island is filled with fun Halloween décor, plus we have new items in the Crown Shop and much more!

  • New Cloudstrider Mount! And the return of the All Souls Pegasus, Gloomthorn Vine, Halloween Crystal Unicorn, Halloween Batacuda, and Halloween Jaguar
  • Return of Unicorn Hair and Giraffe Ears
  • Return of Halloween Pets – Anansi Spider, Grouper of the Deep, Nightmare Paper Dragon, Octoberpus, Phantasm Pagona and Sarlac Scylla
  • Return of the Halloween Galleon special Halloween ship
  • Return of Halloween Masks, Face Paint and Accessories
  • Return of Halloween Housing Items for Crowns and Gold

Also returning at the Halloween presents spread out around the spiral! Don’t miss out on free gifts, gold, animal snacks and more!

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Birth-o-Ween Presents!!


Click here To See Our Portraits!

Holiday Items In The Crown Shop!

It’s Pirate101′s 1st Birthday and it’s Halloween! So the Royals on the Isle of Kings want to celebrate! They added some great items in the Crown Shop, but they’re only there until the end of Hallows-Eve.

Three of my Captains picked up a few seasonal items and I thought we’d share pictures of those so you can see what they look like!

Captain Victoria Hawkins and Captain Victoria Hobbes, picked up the Halloween eye patch! It’s only 100 Crowns and sure looks good. What a great way to feel special and celebrate the pumpkin holiday.  Click the Glowing Ghost to see our portraits!

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