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2018 Updates Go Live

Skeleton Key

Enter The World of Dreams

The royals at KingsIsle have closed the Test Realm and moved the updates to the Live Realm! Check out what’s new in this August 2018 update. Then take time to visit old friends and discover new battles!

Or you can check out our Update Observations from the Test Realm. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to test out all the new updates. But we got close. I have made updates to these Observations since the updates have gone live.

I suggest you start with the new Quest Finder! Then trek around the spiral to find the Bosses who are holding onto the new Skeleton Keys. And if you’re a level 70 pirate, visit with Old Scratch in a Tavern to start your promotion quest that leads to The World of Dreams!

The Quest Finder is excellent for Pirates who have been playing the game from the very beginning. For instance, my Level 70 Witchdoctor had never completed the Lizard City quest in Blood Shoals. That area was added to Skull Island when I was battling in Cool Ranch. Of course my other Pirate Captains have been through Lizard City, but I some how missed running that quest with highest and oldest Pirate Captain. Who knew!

A good idea for your higher level Pirates is to run through each world and find any quests that were added to those realms that you might have missed.

Now let’s get busy Pirate!

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It’s Official: Head Start Is Now OPEN!!

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Start Playing Today!

Enter The World Of The Pirate Spiral!

This morning at 9am central time, the head start version of Pirate101 rolled out to Beta testers, Boochbeard and Gandry bundlers.

Many fans were up exceptionally early hoping to be the first player to get into the official game. Even I was up at 6am eastern to discover if entry into the game was available. But alas it was not to be.

Fans made their way to Pirate101 Central and began sharing their excitement and anticipation of roll out. Each half hour counting down the moments to see if now might be the time to gain entry. Continue reading