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We Got Our Invite! Arrrrgggghhhh!

Beta Here We Come!

This evening we came home and found an email invitation to test Pirate 101 in Beta! OMG We are SO excited!!

We only had time this evening after homework to create 1 pirate. And since Mom is..well Mom; and the kid had homework the pirate we created was for Mom. We’ll share the kid’s pirate tomorrow after school.

So without further adieu, may we introduce Sneaky Scarlet Hawkins!

And her customize flag; The Scarlet Wolf sets the colors of her ship, her crew and all of her pirate cloths to come! Hope we can name our ship what we want instead of picking from a list. But we’ll find out soon enough.

I love her already! One thing to know about the Beta version…you don’t get to keep your character or the progress you make in the game. It’s a test version after all.

Now to get into the game and see what’s like. We’ll be adding some posts along the way to share what we’ve learned. There’s no reason to get into the details that are already provided by Pirate101’s website. So we’ll cover things that aren’t apparent or obvious in their articles. Continue reading

Beta Testers – Become A Level 15 Pirate…Immediately !

Level 15 Testing Needed

In case you’re a Beta Tester and you missed the news two days ago, KI is asking for help and giving you a boost to get there. On Aug. 22nd One-eyed Jack posted his latest Captain’s Log — Spiral Date 400301 and stating:

One thing we’d like to encourage is that our players test more of the mid- to upper-level content, so we’ve added an old friend in Avery’s Courtyard by the life fountain! Please join us in making a new level 1 character and taking Boochbeard’s quest to immediately level to 15 and be ported to Cool Ranch so you can help us better test this content.

So Pirates should run on over there and get their immediate upgrade to test the higher levels of the game.

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Pirate101 NDA Has Been Lifted! Yeah

The Non-Disclosure Agreement Has Been Lifted!

On Aug. 20, One-Eyed Jack made the official announcement in his Captian’s Log..

I’m here to announce the NDA on Pirate101 Beta has been officially lifted. This means that you may now freely talk about the game without any worries. If you’re in the Pirate101 Beta, feel free to share pictures, talk about your characters, and discuss the game to the fullest. Your exciting reviews of Pirate101 continue to make us feel we have an exceptional game on our hands.

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We’ve Been Added To Pirate101 Central’s Links

A Pirate101 Blog

We’re all excited today. We’ve been added to the Pirate101 Central’s list of Blog Links! Yeah!

It may not sound like much of a big deal, but when you work really hard on something you like it to be accepted and recognized. Even if our blog is only one of many, it’s still ours and we like it.

So check us out on Pirate101 Central -> A Pirate’s Portal

Thanks to Jester and Olivia, for their hard work on Pirate101 Central. And for adding our humble little Pirate ship to their list of links!

Onward Matey!

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No Beta Key For Us

It’s A Sad Day

We tried, but we didn’t win one of this weeks Beta Key give a ways. Pretty bummed about that. But there’s still hope. I’ve heard a rumor that KingsIsle will be making new contests and offers soon. We’ll keep everyone posted on that. Not like everyone is clamoring to get to our new blog here, but hey..you never know who’ll be stopping by!

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