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Quest Journal #3 – The Stormgate To Valencia

The Treasure Of Marco Pollo

Welcome back to the world of Skull Island. Monquista was an interesting place, but you went there to negotiate a trade treaty.  You’ll come back to Puerto Mico to finish out that quest, but you’ll also learn about some rumors that have been going on here in the Skull Island world while you were gone.

These rumors have put you in danger, but they are the beginning of your next quest and discovering the map that you supposedly already have in your possession. What map? Well that’s what you need to find out first. Continue reading

Beta Victoria Bristol Levels Up

We Enter The Presidio

Bold Victoria Bristol has worked her way up to a Level 7 Pirate. Along with her level 5 companion and first mate Subodai, they enter the Presidio. The first battle dungeon in Skull Island and the Pirate Spiral.

Now if you’re not familiar with dungeons, these are areas that must be completed in one shot. You can’t leave and come back where you left off unless you’re sent out of the dungeon by a quest. Leaving and coming back before you have completed all the quests in the area will cause you to start each quest all over again.

So make sure you have plenty of time to work through a dungeon from start to finish.

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