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Selling Gear: The Bazaar & The Vendors

Harvey Deuce
The Bazaar Trader

Where and How To Buy and Sell Your Gear

You’ve had your first battles and earned a few rewards. Or your backpack is full and you need to sell some loot. Or maybe you want to purchase some new gear, or training tomes for your crew and you need some gold. Whatever your reason, it’s time to sell some of the loot you’ve collected.

There are various ways to sell items. At the Bazaar, at a gear Vendor, or to a Free Trader. But hold up before you go hitting that Sell button. Are you sure your selling that item in the right place? Are you getting the best price for your loot? You mean you didn’t know there was a difference? Yep, there is.

Not all place will give you the same amount of gold for your loot. Like any merchandizing business, there’s a supply and demand component to the Pirate Spiral. And while it’s might be easy and convenient to sell all your loot in one place, you’re not doing yourself any favors by dumping your backpack in one place. It’s worth it to shop around a little. Continue reading

New VisionTek Galleons

The Sapphire Ship

The Sapphire Ship

New Partner Ships

On September 12, 2013, KingsIsle announced they’ve partnered with VisionTek AMD to offer new ships in the Spiral!

The first ship we saw was the VisionTek Galleon. Now check out four more new ships for the Pirate101 Skyways from this great partnership!

For a limited time only, you can get one of these free exclusive Pirate101 ships with select graphics offerings from AMD. Come check out the Sapphire, TUL, Club3D, and Diamond Galleons on Pirate’s AMD Ships information page!

More ships will be introduced throughout the following months, and we will update this page with new ships as they become available.

All ships have the same stats, just a different look based around the video card branding.

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