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Zeke Quest: Find The Shonen Knives

Prospector Zeke Quest – MooShu

I love MooShu, it’s one of the prettiest worlds in all the Spiral. And of course you’ll find another Zeke Quests to keep you busy exploring the many areas of this world.

When you first arrive in MooShu you’ll be sent straight to this world’s main city, Hamamitsu. Once you dock, leave your ship and head through the city gate. On the far side of the island, you’ll see a large gazebo beyond the garden dragon. Standing outside the building, you’ll find Zeke. He has another quest for you to find some missing items.

This time he’ll tell you about the deal he had with Lord Shonen for some knives. But they’ve gotten lost. As usual, Zeke will give you a nice reward for your help once you have located them all. Continue reading