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Captain Victoria Hobbes – Ships Log 416604.23

Questing News From The Spiral

captnlog-vh-gwI never expected to be here piloting my own ship after leaving my family and friends in Grizzleheim. Who could have imagined this beautiful ship would be mine?!

I guess my Mom and Dad did, and that’s why they left it in the care of the Frogfather. In hopes that one day I’d return and claim it as my own.

So here I am, writing my first Captain’s Log and documenting the adventures of my ship and her crew. Point of fact this isn’t my first “ship”.  That would have been a small raft I picked up on Skull Island from Captain Avery. She was called The Soggy Eel. He thought giving her to me was a big joke, but I think the trick was on him.

She was a great little boat. Sturdy and strong! And with her my small crew and I took on Shark Pirates, Monquistans, Mousers, Batacuda and Flying Fish, as well as Rapa Nui ships too. We sailed to Blood Shoals, Jonah Town, Rapa Nui, The Presidio, and now we’re docked in Flotsam to find a guy named One-Eyed Jack. Continue reading