Zeke Quests

Prospector Zeke

Prospector Zeke

Zeke The Explorer

Prospector Zeke is an explorer of the Spiral. And he gets around..a lot! He’s in both Wizard101 and Pirate101.

As with Wizard101, Zeke is going to help you explore the many lands and worlds of the Pirate Spiral. So get ready to earn some explorer badges and pick up some training points. In each world he’ll tell you about a set of items that have been lost, stolen or somehow escaped on their own. And he’ll ask you to help find them.

You’ll find Zeke from the beginning in the first world of the Pirate Spiral, right in Skull Island. When you reach other worlds, make sure you look for Zeke somewhere in the town. He’s usually around the shop area. But sometimes you’ll need to find someone in town who gives you a quest to find Zeke.

The items to find vary from world to world. On Skull Island you’re looking for “The Funky Bunch” which are evidently smelly bananas.  You won’t have quest help for these items. You’re expected to “explore” the areas you’re in and find them on your own.

Not all of them are that easy to find. While there have been a few quests we’ve needed some clarification on, we generally have been able to get through the missions without much trouble. But finding the Zeke items..well that’s a different story. Some of these critters are simply hard to find! This is one recurring quest that people often search for help in order to complete. Now we don’t want to provide spoilers. You really should try to find the items yourself. But sometimes you simply can’t figure out where ‘this’ or ‘that’ is at in certain areas. For those situations you may wish you could find a little help. That’s what these quest guides are all about.

We provide help with the Zeke Quests in Wizard101; so we’re going to do the same thing here for the Pirate Spiral.

Zeke Quest ReminderTo start, Zeke will provide you with a quest reminder that will tell you which area you can find the lost item in. For instance, he’ll tell you one of the items in the Skull Island world will be found in Blood Shoals. The Quest card will also give you a hint. For instance, on Blood Shoals you should look around Traitors Cave.

When you enter a new area, a pop-up title will appear telling you the name of the new area you’re entering into. So as long as you keep in mind which areas the lost items are in, you can narrow down where to look in that world. Refer back to your quest card when you need to so you don’t miss an item. This is especially important when you’re looking for a lost item in a dungeon.

Once you find one item, you’ll have a better idea what to look for from a distance. So we’ll provide not only a map and some general info; but also an image of what the lost items will look like as you’re exploring the worlds.

Here are the Quest Guides we’ve currently developed for Prospector Zeke in Pirate101:

Good Luck and have fun exploring.

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